Bullitt (1968): Meds and Techs in Steve McQueen’s Private Eye Thriller

Meds and Techs
The new mumps vaccine that Delgetti (Don Gordon) is talking about when he reads the newspaper was the Jeryl Lynn vaccine, which was developed in 1967.
The device used to transmit the photos of the Renick couple over the phone line was one of the original facsimile machines, and the device from which the generic word “fax” was derived.
It is the Xerox Magnafax Telecopier, introduced by Xerox in 1966 and considered a revolutionary technical breakthrough. Until this device appeared, facsimile machines were large, heavy, and difficult to operate.
The precursor to the modern-day fax machine, the Xerox Magnafax Telecopier, transmits the passport application to police headquarters. Though it may seem archaic technology now, at the time it was considered cutting edge.