Brigsby Bear: Created by Dave McCary and Kyle Mooney

Dave McCary and Kyle Mooney, the creators of Brigsby Bear, met in the fourth grade and were rival class clowns in the fifth.

Mooney, who stars in and co-wrote the film, recalls: “He was in the popular kids’ class and I was with the nerds.  Over time, we grew to get along and we kind of have a short hand on set.”

“It’s very surreal because the movie really is about falling in love with filmmaking and doing it with your best friends,” said McCary, who directed. “There’s a real meta and so many things have gone full circle.”

McCary and Mooney began performing together a decade ago as the comedy group Good Neighbor along with Nick Rutherford and Beck Bennett, who are also in the film.

McCary is a segment director on “Saturday Night Live” and the others are cast members.

“The movie really grew out of the group,” Bennett recalled. “It’s about making stuff with your friends. Kyle had the idea for awhile and it made sense because we have four months off during the summer.”

The film is about a man who was kidnapped as a baby and rescued 25 years later.  His kidnappers, played by Mark Hamill and Claire Danes, have told him nothing about the world, aside from creating a fictional TV show.

“I loved the script,” said Matt Walsh, who plays the father of Mooney’s character. “You read a bunch every year and it was the one I remember.  It wound up being the quintessential Sundance experience where we stayed at a condo and got a sale.”

Ryan Simpkins, who portrays the sister of Mooney’s character, was still stunned by the standing ovation “Brigsby” got at the 2017 Sundance Film Fest, where it had premiered.

“It’s a weird indie film,” she recalled. “I was there for two weeks in Utah and I was amazed by the world. So I’m incredibly proud and I didn’t expect to be. I was just doing it for fun.”

Brigsby Bear will be released by Sony Classics July 28.