Breakfast for Two (1937): Screwball Comedy Starring Barbara Stanwyck, Herbert Marshall, and Glenda Farrell.

Alfred Santell’s screwball comedy, Breakfast for Two, stars Barbara Stanwyck, Herbert Marshall, and Glenda Farrell.

Marshall plays Jonathan Blair, an idle boozy playboy, who suddenly realizes that Texan Valentine Ransome (Stanwyck) has spent the night in his mansion. He doesn’t remember much about the night or his guest, who’s actually attracted to him.
She sets out first to reform and then to marry him, telling her uncle Sam that she intends to “slip a  bit in his mouth and make him like it.” There’s only one obstacle, Jonathan has a girlfriend, actress Carol Wallace (Farrell)

When Jonathan’s family shipping firm gets into trouble, it leaves him broke, but Valentine buys up interest in the company and moves into his home as the new tenant.

The angry man tells her that he will fight to get the company back, but later admits to his valet Butch (Eric Blore) that he is broke as nobody will lend him money.

Valentine, informed by Butch, decides to make Jonathan vice president, though he is busy planning marriage to Carol.

Valentine tries to disrupt the ceremony with some noisy window washers, which annoys the Justice of the Peace (Donald Meeks).  When her uncle Sam Ransome (Frank M. Thomas) declares that Carol is the mother of his children, the wedding is off, but Mr. Meggs recognizes Sam and informs Jonathan.

Jonathan outlines his plan to get the company back on its feet, which the board accepts. Valentine is pleased–until he tells her that the wedding with Carol is on. Butch then produces a forged marriage certificate showing that Valentine and Jonathan are husband and wife.

Butch informs Valentine of the deception, but she continues the masquerade. When Butch tells Jonathan, the tables are turned. She flees from her suddenly amorous “husband,” but in the end they make peace and get married for real.

Stanwyck and Marshall teamed again a year later on the Fox drama Always Goodbye.