Brad Pitt Launches New Gin with Famed French Winemaker

Brad Pitt Launches New Gin with Famed French Winemaker

Up until now, tequila has gotten all of the biggest celebrity names — George Clooney, The Rock, and Kevin Hart.
Gin has been relatively quiet aside from Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation Gin, Emma Watson’s new Renais Gin.
But now Oscar winner Brad Pitt offers competition with the launch of The Gardener French Riviera Gin.

Pitt cofounded this new gin with some important partners — Matthieu Perrin of the Famille Perrin winemaking family, and ex-Tanqueray master distiller Tom Nichol who has more than four decades in the spirits industry. It’s yet another partnership with the family — last fall, he launched skincare line with Perrin that upcycles the grape pulp leftover when making wine.

The Gardener Gin is a London dry style gin (meaning no flavor is added), distilled in France from a wheat base in copper pot stills with an organic botanical mixture including juniper, coriander, licorice, and angelica, along with citrus notes of pink grapefruit, lemon, and Cap d’Antibes orange.

“The light of the French Riviera is a lifeblood,” said Perrin in a loquacious and weirdly mystical statement. “Here, in this place blessed by the gods, the earth is tended by the Gardener. The Gardener works in harmony with the shifts of the season, the exchange of warmth and cold, the pleasures of living well. With the wisdom of experience, the gift of intuition, the whim of experimentation, the Gardener builds a recipe that combines the mystery of nature with the pleasure of knowledge. The Gardener tends earth, time, all the while guarding a way of life that exists nowhere else in the world.”

This new gin is an attempt to capture the terroir and spirit of the French Riviera, a part of France that Pitt has long history with via his winery Chateau Miraval and his many appearances at the Cannes Film Fest.

In that spirit, the gin officially launches at this year’s Cannes taking place later this month, and will be presented at the reopening of the Carlton hotel there in the form of a cocktail called the Secret Garden.

Brad Pitt - Gin - The Gardener - The Secret Gardener - Special Cocktail
The Secret Garden cocktail, made with The Gardener gin, will officially launch at the Carlton Hotel during the Cannes Film Festival. SERGE CHAPIUS