Boys, The: The Sherman Brothers’ Story


Walt Disney Studios

Their music is unforgettable. Their name is legend. The Boys: The Sherman Brothers’ Story is an intimate journey through the lives of Robert and Richard Sherman, the prolific Oscar-winning songwriting team.

While their songs – “A Spoonful Of Sugar (Mary Poppins)” and “I Want To Be Like You (Jungle Book),” to name a few – celebrated family entertainment and happy endings, their life together was not as harmonious.

Go behind the scenes, including interviews with Dick Van Dyke, Angela Lansbury, Roy E. Disney and many more, for a fascinating glimpse into how Walt Disney used the language of music to bring the brothers together, creating a cinematic legacy like no other. With insightful bonus features, The Boys: The Sherman Brothers’ Story is a fascinating portrait of two immensely talented men who continue to enrich our lives. Available on DVD November 30th.

Bonus Features Include:
•    Why They’re “The Boys”—Through interviews with their friends and co-workers from
throughout the years, learn why Bob and Richard Sherman are called “The Boys” and, in
turn, why this film is called what it is called!
•    Disney Studios in the ’60’s—Take a look at the era of the legendary studio when the
Sherman Brothers were under contract and part of the life and culture of a creative
playground of animators, filmmakers and producers.
•    Casting Mary Poppins—Learn how Julie Andrews got the part of Mary Poppins from the
point of view of Bob and Richard and those who know them.
•    The Process—Join Richard Sherman for a look at the Sherman Brothers’ song writing
•    Theme Parks—In addition to composing scores for many classic Disney movies, the
Sherman Brothers also wrote many popular songs for Disney theme parks. Learn how
they went about composing a song for rides such as “It’s a Small World.”
•    Roy Williams—Roy Williams was a Disney animator who had an office right next to the
Sherman Brothers. Through Roy’s artwork, we learn some of the stories of what it was like to work in the Animation Building in the 1960’s.
•    Bob’s Art—In addition to being an amazing lyricist, Bob Sherman’s other passion is painting. Here he shares his inspiration.
•    Celebration—A collection of testimonials from celebrities and Hollywood legends who share their experiences about the Sherman Brothers, this piece earned “The Boys” a special honor from the President of the United States.
•    Sherman Brothers’ Jukebox—This collection of Sherman Brothers songs — and stories behind the songs — provides a unique look into the extensive careers of Bob and Richard.
“Tall Paul” “Chim Chim Cher-ee”
“Feed the Birds”
“Gold Can Buy Anything (But Love)”
“There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow”
“Jolly Holiday”
“Oh, Gee, Georgie!” (performed by Eddie Cantor, 1924)
“Up, Down and Touch The Ground”
“A Spoonful of Sugar,” performed on the guitar by Laurence Juber
“Ugly Bug Ball” Der Wienerschnitzel Commercial