Bourne Ultimatum: UK’s Film of the Year

February 28, 2008–“The Bourne Ultimatum” has been named film of the year in the people’s choice section of the Richard Attenborough Film Awards.

The award was the result of a public vote via 25 UK regional media outlets and reflects the mainstream popularity of Paul Greengrass’s action blockbuster, which has been seen by more than 4m viewers since its British release last summer.

“I am hugely honoured that the UK public has voted for The Bourne Ultimatum as their favourite film in what was a fine year for the cinema,” Paul Greengrass said in a statement. Film star Matt Damon was even more excited: “We shot most of the sequences in London and at the UK’s Pinewood studios with a primarily British crew. So I’m particularly excited that this award has been voted for by the Brits themselves.”

Greengrass and Damon are preparing to embark on a fourth and final film in the Bourne franchise, though a production date has yet to be announced.

The people’s choice award is the seventh and final prize bestowed by the Richard Attenborough Film Awards, which last month named Atonement as best film.