Bolshoi Ballet, The (1956): Oscar Nominated British Documentary

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“The Bolshoi Ballet,” F. B. Onions’s impressive documentary of the famous Russian ballet company, was made in 1956 but released later in the U.S.

The nicely shot movie features stars of the company, such as Galina Ulanova, and includes excerpts from six pieces: Giselle, Dance of the Tartars, Swan Lake, Spring Water, Polonaise and Gracovienne, and The Dying Swan.

Since that work, there have been several docus about this troupe, most called “The Bolshoi Ballet.”


Oscar Nomination: 1

Scoring of  a Musical: Yuri Faier and Gennady Rozhdestvensky

Oscar Awards: None

Oscar Context:

The Scoring Oscar went to Andre Previn for Vincente Minnelli’s musical “Gigi,” which swept 9 awards out of its 9 nominations.