Bodyguard, The (1992): Trashy Melodrama Starring Costner and Whitney Houston

Mick Jackson’s trashy melodrama, The Bodyguard, scripted by Lawrence Kasdan, became a sleeper, and a date movie, largely sue to Whitney Houston’s singing and the chemistry between her and Kevin Costner .
Making her big screen debut, singer Whitney Houston plays (what else), a singer-actress, who hires a body guard after she begins to get threatening phone calls.
The body guard is a handsome former Secret Service Agent, played by Kevin Costner, at the height of his popularity, right after winning the Best Picture and Best Director Oscars for “Dances With Wolves.”
No need to tell the rest of the film, which is basically plotless.   Some of the melodic songs were part of a best-selling album.
The most popular song, “I Will Always Love You,” written by Dolly Parton, played long after the movie was gone and became forever associated with Whitney Houston.
Based on this picture, it’s hard to tell how much of a dramatic actress Huston is, but she is pleasant enough and the camera likes her.
Oscar Nominations: 2
Song: “I Have Nothing,” music by David Foster, lyrics by Linda Thompson
Song: “Run to You,” music by Jud Friedman, lyrics by Allan Rich

Oscar Awards: None

Oscar Context
The Song Oscar went to Alan Menken and Tim Rice for their popular tune, “A Whole New World,” from Disney’s movie “Aladdin.”