Blue Lagoon, The (1980): Brooke Shields in the Water

Randal Kleiser directed The Blue Lagoon, an erotic-romantic adventure, written by Douglas Day Stewart based on the 1908 novel of the same name by Henry De Vere Stacpoole.
The film tells the story of two young children (Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins.), marooned on a tropical island paradise in the South Pacific. With neither guidance or restrictions, the couple reach puberty and fall in love.
The film stars

Though silly, the movie was lavishly produced, with music score composed by Basil Poledouris and cinematography by Néstor Almendros.

Oscar Nominations: 1
Cinematography: Nestor Almendros
Oscar Awards: None
Oscar Context
The winners of the Cinematography Oscar were Geoffey Unsworth and Ghislain Cloquet for Polanski’s epic, “Tess.”