Blood on the Sun (1945): Frank Lloyd’s Drama, Starring Jimmy Cagney as American Reporter in Japan and Sylvia Sidney as Double Agent

In Frank Lloyd’s fictional tale, Blood on the Sun, James Cagney stars as an American newspaper writer for The Tokyo Chronicle in Tokyo circa 1929.

His goal is to try holding on to and smuggle out of the country the secret Tanaka plan for Japanese world conquest.

The film co-stars Sylvia Sidney, in her first screen appearance since 1941, as an Anglo-Chinese double agent who has her own agenda with the Japanese.

The attempt to weave the real historical document into the fiction is not very successful.  But Cagney commands with his derring-do, fist-swinging and Judo to keep up the interest.  Without his performance, it would have been a silly, routine programmer.


James Cagney

Sylvia Sidney

Wallace Ford

Rosemary De Camp

Robert Armstrong

John Emery

Leonard Strong

Frank Puglia

Jack Halloran

Hugh Ho

Philip Ahn

Joseph Kim

Marvin Mueller

Rhys Williams

Porter Hall

James Bell

Grace Lem

Oy Chan

George Paris

Hugh Beaumont



United Artists.

Produced by William Cagney.

Directed by Frank Lloyd.

Screenplay by Lester Cole.

Based on a story by Garrett Fort.