Blood on the Land (1965): Greek Vasilis Georgiadis’ Oscar Nominated Film

Blood on the Land (Greek: To homa vaftike kokkino, lit. ’The earth was painted red’), a western drama directed by Vasilis Georgiadis, was nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar, but did not win.

The tale deals with the conflict between landowners and agricultural workers in Thessaly in the early 20th century.

The subject is honorable, but the film suffers from a simplistic narrative (about good and evil), though some of the action sequences are visually compelling.

Nikos Kourkoulos as Odysseas Hormovas
Mary Chronopoulou as Eirini
Giannis Voglis as Rigas Hormovas
Faidon Georgitsis as Giannos
Zeta Apostolou
Notis Peryalis as Marinos Antypas
Eleni Kriti
Angelos Antonopoulos as Kotsos
Manos Katrakis as Father Hormovas
Athinodoros Prousalis as a police officer


Drected by Vasilis Georgiadis
Written by Nikos Foskolos
Cinematography Nikos Dimopoulos

Release date: 1965

Running time: 130 minutes