Blondie Johnson (1933): Ray Enright’s Pre-Code Gangster, Starring Joan Blondell and Chester Morris

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Ray Enright directed Blondie Johnson is a pre-Code gangster film, starring Joan Blondell and Chester Morris.

Blondie Johnson
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Set during the Depression, Blondie Johnson (Joan Blondell) quits her job after her boss sexually harasses her.

She and her sick mother are then evicted from their apartment and are unable to get any government relief funds.

After her mother dies, Blondie, determined to become rich, gets involved in criminal organization and falls in love with Danny, one of its members (Chester Morris).

She convinces him to take down his boss, and eventually climbs up the criminal ladder, becoming boss to the “little navy” gang before being convicted and sent to prison.

Chester Morris was nominated for Best Actor in Alibi (1929).


Alibi (1929): Early Sound, Oscar-Nominated Crime-Gangster, Starring Chester Morris | Emanuel Levy

Joan Blondell as Blondie Johnson
Chester Morris as Danny
Allen Jenkins as Louis
Earle Foxe as Scannel
Claire Dodd as Gladys
Mae Busch as Mae
Toshia Mori as Lulu
Joseph Cawthorn as Manager
Olin Howland as Eddie
Sterling Holloway as Red
Charles Lane as Cashier (uncredited)
Sam McDaniel as Train Porter


Directed by Ray Enright
Written by Earl Baldwin
Cinematography Tony Gaudio
Edited by George Marks
Distributed by Warner Bros.
Release date: February 25, 1933

Running time 67 minutes


TCM showed the movie on Sep 27, 2021.