Black Phone, The: Horror Movie, Starring Ethan Hawks (June 24)

The Black Phone

“The Black Phone”

Adapted from Joe Hill’s short story of the same name, “The Black Phone” is a violent horror film, set in the 1970s, about a man who kidnaps children in broad daylight.

Ethan Hawke stars as a masked kidnapper, nicknamed “The Grabber,” who terrorizes a suburban Colorado town in the 1970s.

Hiding behind the facade of a clumsy magician, he lures kids in with kindness before eclipsing their world with mace and a swarm of signature black balloons.

The story is told through Finney’s perspective as audiences get a glimpse into his home and personal life before he becomes the kidnapper’s latest victim.

In between dodging his classmates on the prowl to beat him up, Finney Shaw (Mason Thames) must avoid further abuse from his alcoholic father.

Some solace is provided by his sister Gwen (Madeleine McGraw), a religious spitfire who has no qualms about cussing out cops or smashing a rock over a bully’s head.