Big Noise, The (1936): B-Level Serio-Comedy, Starring Guy Kibbee

Frank McDonald helmed The Big Noise, a B-Level serio-comedy, starring Guy Kibbee, best known for his iconic character roles in Warner’s musicals of the 1930s.

Unable to adopt new technology retires, Julius Trent (Kibbee) from his position as president of a textile company. He then goes into partnership with Ken Mitchell in a dry cleaning venture.

The Big Noise

The Big Noise

Complications arise when his daughter Betty becomes romantically involved with his partner. A group of racketeers attempt to extort money from him, and he attempts to singlehandedly run them out of town.


Guy Kibbee as Julius Trent
Warren Hull as Ken Mitchell
Alma Lloyd as Betty Trent
Dick Foran as Don Andrews
Marie Wilson as Daisy
Henry O’Neill as Charlie Caldwell
Olin Howland as Harrison