Big Cube, The (1969): Psychological Thriller Laced with LSD and Hallucinations

Tito Davison directed The Big Cube, a trashy psychological thriller, starring Lana Turner, Karin Mossberg, George Chakiris, Daniel O’Herlihy and Richard Egan.

The film was shot on location in Mexico in order to help bolster Mexico’s industry, as well as help lower production costs.

Lan Turner plays an aging former actress who is dosed with LSD by her malicious stepdaughter, seeking to drive her mad and obtain her fortune.

The movie was negative in its portrayal of LSD use and the 1960s youth counterculture.

The film was based on a story by Tito Davison and Edmundo Báez.

Adriana Roman, a successful stage actress, retires to marry Charles Winthrop, a wealthy tycoon. Winthrop’s daughter Lisa is instantly distrustful of Adriana as she is “the other woman” taking her father’s affection.

Charles is killed in a boating accident, which also causes Adriana a concussion. Lisa’s new boyfriend Johnny Allen, a fortune-hunting medical student, persuades Lisa that her father’s death was murder. This charge is exacerbated by Adriana’s threat to disinherit Lisa if she marries Johnny.

Lana Turner as Adriana Roman
George Chakiris as Johnny Allen
Richard Egan as Frederick Lansdale
Daniel O’Herlihy as Charles Winthrop
Karin Mossberg as Lisa Winthrop
Pamela Rodgers as Bibi
Carlos East as Lalo
Augusto Benedico as Dr. Lorenz
Victor Junco as Delacroix
Norma Herrera as Stella
Pedro Galván as University Dean
Regina Torne as Queen Bee

Warner Cult Camp Classic’s Women in Peril:

The Big Cube was released on DVD in 2007 as part of Volume 2 of Warner Cult Camp Classic’s “Women in Peril” series that included John Cromwell’s Caged (1950) and Joan Crawford’s last starring role in Freddie Francis’ Trog (1970).