Berlin Correspondent (1942): Spy Melodrama Starring Dana Andrews

“Berlin Correspondent,” Eugene Forde’s melodrama concerns an American war correspondent (played with authority by Dana Andrews), who tries to steal Axis military secrets in Berlin and rescue his informant from the Gestapo.
As penned by Steve Fisher and Jack Andrews, the story bears strong thematic resemblance to “Mister V,” a British picture starring Leslie Howard, though “Berlin Correspondent” is more effective in its satirical elements of the Nazis.
Virginia Gilmore
Dana Andrews
Mona Maris
Martin Kosleck
Sig Rumann
Kurt Katch
Erwin Kalser
Torben Meyer
William Edmunds
Hans Schumm
Leonard Mudie
Hans von Morhart
Curt Furberg
Henry Rowland
Christian Rub
Produced by Bryan Foy.
Directed by Eugene Forde.
Screenplay by Steve Fisher and Jack Andrews.
Release date: September 3, 1942