Batman v Superman: Impact of Negative Reviews and Lukewarm Word of Mouth

Critics may not have had power on the performance of Batman v Superman, but middling word of mouth had.

Warner and DC’s Batman v Superman is now tracking for a three-day total of $50 million, down from yesterday’s expected $58 million.

Batman v Superman pulled in $15 million on Friday from 4,256 locations, and it’s expected to hit a cumulative domestic gross of $260 million by Sunday’s end.

The first week of the movie was great, it took in $209.1 million in the U.S.–the 10th highest of all time — with a $166 million opening weekend.

Despite the negative reviews, and lukewarm word of mouth, young and indiscriminating audiences embraced the film, based both on box office turnout and on social media. Fifty seven percent of the conversation on Twitter following the film’s debut has been positive, according to social media tracking service Fizziology.

Less than 10 percent of the tweets about the film have been negative, with the rest falling under the neutral banner.


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Other box office champs this weekend include the popular Zootopia, which is heading for a weekend haul of $20 million from 3,698 locations. Disney’s socially progressive animated saga brought in $5.5 million on Friday, portending that the film will cross $275 million in total domestic grosses by the end of the weekend.