Back to Burgundy: French Cedric Klapisch New Film

French filmmaker Cedric Klapisch‘s latest film is the dramedy Back to Burgundy.

Written by Klapisch and regular co-scribe Santiago Amigorena, Back to Burgundy centers on Jean who returns home to France’s Burgundy as he and his siblings inherit their family vineyard. While trying to save it, they discover their roots.

Klapisch’s comedy drama stars three young French actors: Pio Marmaï (“The First Day of the Rest of Your Life,” “Living on Love Alone”), Ana Girardot (“Next Time I’ll Aim for the Heart”) and François Civil (“Elles”).

Back to Burgundy is quintessentially French, about wine, family, and roots. It is what people love about France, and reveals the strong relationships between the vineyard workers and the wine itself.

Cedric Klapisch is known for directing The Spanish Apartment, Russian Dolls and Chinese Puzzle.

Shot over the four seasons, Back to Burgundy is a film about change–natural and human cycles.  To establish change throughout the year, Klapisch hired a photographer to take a picture of a tree every day at 3 pm for a whole year.