Baby Maker (1970): Oscar Nominated Melodrama Starring Barbara Hershey

National General Release (Robert Wise production)

The very young and beautiful Barbara Hershy plays a free spirit bohemian, who agrees to bear a child for a couple.

Thematically, it’s chronicle of surrogate motherhood, before it became a hot and relevant issue in the twentieth first century.

The film co-stars Scott Glenn (“The Silence of the Lambs,” “The Right Stuff”) and Jeannie Berlin.

This is the first feature by director James Bridges, who would go on to helm bigger and better films, such as “The Paper Chase,” “Urban Cowboy,” and “The China Syndrome,” before his untimely death of AIDS.

Oscar Nominations: 1

Original Song Score: Fred Karlin and Tylwyth Kymry


Barbara Hershey as Tish Gray
Collin Wilcox-Horne as Suzanne Wilcox
Sam Groom as Jay Wilcox
Scott Glenn as Ted Jacks
Jeannie Berlin as Charlotte
Lili Valenty as Mrs. Culnick

Running time: 109 Minutes.