Appointment in Honduras (1953): Jacques Tourneur’s Romantic Adventure, Starring Glenn Ford, Ann Sheridan, Zachary Scott

Jacques Tourneur directed Appointment in Honduras, a romantic adventure starring Glenn Ford, Ann Sheridan, and Zachary Scott.

Appointment in Honduras
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The tale is set in 1910, during a fictional revolution in Honduras.

Jim Corbett (Glenn Ford) was hired to ensure that a large sum of money came to the deposed political leader. Sylvia Sheppard (Ann Sheridan) and her wealthy husband Harry Sheppard (Zachary Scott) are unwilling hostages of Corbett, who is accompanied through the jungle by some criminals.

Sylvia, the unfaithful wife, eventually falls in love with Corbett. They encounter various dangers, including crocodiles, “tiger fish,” large snakes, biting ants, huge swarm of stinging insects, malaria, and armed insurgents.


Glenn Ford Jim
Ann Sheridan Sylvia
Zachary Scott Harry
Jack Elam Castro
Rodolfo Acosta Reyes
Stanley Andrews Captain McTaggart


Directed by Jacques Tourneur
Written by Mario Silvera, Jack Cornall, Karen DeWolf
Produced by Benedict Bogeaus
Distributed by RKO

Release date: October 16, 1953 (US)

Running time: 77 min