Angry Hills, The (1959): Aldrich’s WWII Action Drama, Starring Robert Mitchum

Robert Aldrich made this WWII actioner, after Ten Seconds to Hell, which was shot in Germany. 

Based on the 1955 novel by Leon Uris (better known for Exodus), the movie stars Robert Mitchum and Stanley Baker.

Uris wrote the first draft of the script, which Aldrich then passed along to A.I. Bezzerides, who had written Kiss Me Deadly.

Set in Greece in 1941, before and after the German invasion, the tale revolves around American journalist Mike Morrison (Mitchum), who possesses a list of Greek resistance leaders. After memorizing the list, he destroys it, which leads to his pursue by Communist resistance fighters, the Gestapo, and Greek collaborators.

Robert Mitchum as Mike Morrison
Stanley Baker as Conrad Heisler
Elisabeth Müller as Lisa Kyriakides
Gia Scala as Eleftheria
Theodore Bikel as Dimitrios Tassos
Sebastian Cabot as Chesney
Peter Illing as Leonides
Leslie Phillips as Ray Taylor
Donald Wolfit as Dr. Stergion
Marius Goring as Colonel Elrick Oberg
Jocelyn Lane as Maria Tassos
Kieron Moore as Andreas
George Pastell as Papa Panos
Patrick Jordan as Bluey
Marita Constantinou as Cleopatra
Stanley Van Beers as Tavern Proprietor
Alec Mango as Phillibos