Angels Over Broadway (1940): Co-Directed by Ben Hecht and Lee Garmes Starring Rita Hayworth


Ben Hecht, better known as writer, and Lee Garmes, better known as a cinematographer, co-directed this picture, based on Hecht’s story.
Mildly amusing, this quirky if too verbose Runyonesque tale centers on a group of individuals, well played by Douglas Fairbanks, Rita Hayworth, and Thomas Mitchell, who join forces to help John Qualen, when he gets into trouble after trying to embezzle money from his business partner.
Hecht scripted, among other things, Hitchcock’s “Notorious,” for which he was also Oscar-nominated.
Hayworth, who is stunningly beautiful, would become a star a few years later, after appearing in “Cover Girl” and “Gilda.”
Oscar Nominations: 1
Original Screenplay: Ben Hecht
Oscar Awards: None
Oscar Context:
The winner of the Original Screenplay Oscar was Preston Sturges for the comedy “The Great McGinty.”