Andy Hardy’s Private Secretary (1941): Tenth Movie in Series, Starring Micky Rooney and Kathryn Grayson

The tenth feature in the popular 16-film franchise, Andy Hardy’s Private Secretary stars Micky Rooney, Kathryn Grayson, And Ann Rutherford.

Andy is eager to graduate, but he is putting more effort into running various student committees than studying for his exams.

His father, honorable judge Hardy (Lewis Stone) learns that Andy has been giving money for tuition to a fellow student, Kathryn Land (Kathryn Grayson), who comes from a poor family.

Andy asks Kathryn to be his private secretary, to the chagrin of steady girlfriend Polly Benedict (Ann Rutherford), who gets jealous when she discovers Andy’s bought stockings for Kathryn for graduation. Kathryn’s brother Harry (Todd Karns) designs decorations for the ceremony. The father, a down-on-his-luck international travel expert, is helped by Judge Hardy’s connections in the U.S. State Department to find better job.

Kathryn’s brother Harry proves to be quite the scholar, showing no problems with his exams. Andy is devastated when he miserably fails his English exam, which means he cannot graduate. He admits his failure to the class and resigns from committee work.

When Kathryn and Harry’s father is offered job in South America, the family must leave before graduation was completed. Andy wants them both to graduate, and “helps” them out by editing the telegram to the father about the travel date to the south, letting them stay longer.

Andy’s attempt to help friends attend commencement leads to another negative result–the father’s job offer is rescinded. But his friends persuade the principal that the school rules allow him to retake the exam, given his quality work, and he passes.

Andy graduates and is given a new car by his father; Kathryn sings at the ceremony, Harry wins the Governor’s Prize, and the impoverished father Steven Land (Ian Hunter) gets a job as court interpreter.