Amusement (2010): John Simpson’s Horror Tale

Written by Jake Wade Wall (The Hitcher) and directed by John Simpson, Amusement follows three friends tied together by a seemingly innocent childhood event–and someone thirsty for revenge.


A twisted thread ties Tabitha, Shelby and Lisa together in this anthology of seemingly unrelated vignettes. Stalked by a killer with a grudge that extends back to the girls’ childhoods, these friends and other potential victims must struggle to survive.


They’re longtime friends on separate life paths. But they share a horrific destination when a seemingly innocent incident from their school days comes back to terrify them. Something – someone – wants payback: warped vengeance… mind-games vengeance…taunting, shredding, slashing vengeance. Inside a stone-walled chamber of prison cells and mechanisms of doom, the three women and other victims face a fierce fight to survive. Who lives Who dies It’s all for someone’s Amusement.


Helmed by director John Simpson (Freeze Frame), Amusement features performances by Keir O’Donnell (Wedding Crashers, Thirteen Days), Katheryn Winnick, (TV’s House M.D., Tranced), Jessica Lucas (Cloverfield, Nights in Rodanthe), Laura Breckenridge (Beautiful Loser, The Favor) and Tad Hilgenbrink (Disaster Movie).