American Trilogy: Cyril Morin’s Three Movies on American Culture

Three films directed by Cyril Morin are put together for the first time as a trilogy.  Jointly, they record and offer a perspective on significant moments in modern American culture and history.

The Activist

A political thriller set during the Wounded Knee protest in 1973. Two Native American activists are arrested and held in custody in a small sheriff’s office in the middle of nowhere. Why are they secretly kept there when the events make national news? When a lawyer is assigned to the case, she will realize there is more to investigate than it seems. Confrontations will reveal deep secrets…. With nods to actor Marlon Brando, President Nixon, and Vietnam, the film recreates the paranoid culture of the 1970s.

Starring Michael Spears (Dances with Wolves, Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee), Tonanzin Carmelo (Into the West, Imprint), Ron Roggé (Treme, Modern Family), Circus-Szalewski (Conan), King Orba (3:10 to Yuma), Alena von Stroheim (Erich von Stroheim’s granddaughter).

Hacker’s Game

A modern, relevant, and suspenseful techno thriller. Soyan is a computer prodigy who previously hacked the company he is currently working for, a cyber security firm running covert activities for high-profile international clients. Loise is a cyber detective who investigates war crimes for a human rights organization. When Soyan and Loise meet playing a virtual chess game, they immediately bond. They embark on an intense but dangerous romance after Soyan’s boss ask him to protect the same arms dealer that Loise is determined to capture. Will Soyan and Loise leave their virtual world and risk everything for true love?

Starring Pom Klementieff (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2), Chris Schellenger, King Orba, Alena von Stroheim, Gayla Johnson.


Three young artists and lovers, Kate, Anton, and Keith, live carefree in the New York art scene of the early 1980s. They party, photograph, paint, sing, and play their way through the clubs and lofts of Alphabet City.
The party ends in 1984 when Anton and Keith contract a mysterious illness known as the “gay cancer.” What follows is an intimate glimpse into their creative and emotional lives as the trio loses their youth and innocence.

Starring Sam Quartin, Chris Schellenger, Davy J. Marr.

English language

Spanish and French subtitles available

Color / Widescreen / 5.1 Surround Sound / Not Rated

Bonus Features:

Original Theatrical Trailers;

“An American Trilogy” Interview with writer-director Cyril Morin explaining the key themes relating the three movies.