American Swing: Docu of Plato’s Retreat, NYC Infamous Sex Club

January, 1977

Plato’s Retreat, a sex club then known as “The Aquarian,” opens in a small brownstone on New York City’s Upper West Side, in January of 1977.

September, 1977
Plato’s Retreat opens in the basement of the historic Ansonia Building.

November, 1977
New York Magazine features Plato’s for a cover story. Subsequently, Larry Levenson makes several high profile television appearances, including two on Phil Donahue’s national talk show.

March, 1978
Plato’s West opens in Los Angeles. Months later, it closes.

December, 1980
The Ansonia owners pay Plato’s Retreat $1million to vacate the premises.  Plato’s Retreat moves to an enormous warehouse on West 34th Street. 

February, 1981
The owners of Plato’s are indicted for tax evasion – skimming 2.3 million dollars.

July, 1981
The owners of Plato’s are sentenced to lengthy prison terms.

Fall, 1984
Larry Levenson is released from Allenwood Federal Prison and returns to Plato’s.

November, 1985
Plato’s is padlocked after four Plato’s patrons are arrested for prostitution.

New Year’s Eve, 1985
City officials close Plato’s just before its annual New Year’s bash. It does not reopen.

April, 1998
Jon Hart profiles Larry Levenson, who is driving a New York City taxi cab, for the Village Voice.

January, 1999
Following quadruple bypass heart surgery, Larry Levenson passes away.


May, 2004

Mary passes away.