American Crime Story: Impeachment–Bill Clinton Vs. Monica Lewinsky

The third season of American Crime Story focuses on Bill Clinton’s impeachment through the eyes of Monica Lewinsky, Linda Tripp and Paula Jones.


Lewinsky is a producer on the show and gave notes on scripts for scenes involving Feldstein’s portrayal of her.

“We went through every page of Monica’s memoir,” writer and executive producer Sarah Burgess said of her collaboration with Lewinsky. “She added a couple of moments, and I talked a lot about it with her to make it as accurate as possible.”

Like the previous two seasons of American Crime Story–also set in the mid- and late 1990s–Impeachment takes a hard look at the media culture of the era.

Burgess was a “pre-teen” when Clinton was impeached, and revisiting the media and pop-culture reaction to the impeachment was eye-opening. “As someone who’s consuming all the late night jokes and inhaling all those Maureen Dowd pieces, I was shocked by some of the vitriol,” she said.

“It would be satisfying to say it’s entirely different today, but as an older millennial I don’t think I find myself having a ton of hostility for the boomer media of the late ’90s,” Burgess continued. “The misogyny inherent in making fun of [Lewinsky and Tripp] talking about Macy’s [in phone conversations Tripp recorded], I don’t think that’s changed much.”

FX released a new trailer for Impeachmentwatch it below.