Aloha (2015): Cameron Crowe’s Disappointing Romantic Dramedy

Cameron Crowe‘s romantic dramedy, Aloha, bombed at the box-officedespite its star-studded cast of Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone and Rachel McAdams.

The film debuted to $10 million, the lowest opening of summer to date for a major studio release and only enough for a sixth-place finish.

Females made up 64 percent of the audience.

Aloha is the first of Crowe’s films to be released in summer, when the pressure is much more intense to open to big numbers.

Sony’s financial exposure on the film is minimized by having several partners, including New Regency, LStar Capital and RatPac Entertainment. Fox is handling the film internationally but doesn’t have a financial stake.

The Hawaii-set movie stars Cooper as a military contractor who falls for an Air Force pilot played by Stone, only to encounter a past lover in the form of McAdams.

The film drew dismal reviews from critics, which hurt word of mouth.

Produced by Crowe and Scott Rudin, Aloha, which at one point was slated for December 2014 release but was then moved into 2015, cost at least $37 million after rebates.