Almost a Bride (aka A Kiss for Corliss) (1949): Shirley Temple’s last Film

Richard Wallace directed A Kiss for Corliss, a sequel to the 1945 film Kiss and Tell, written by Howard Dimsdale, and featuring Shirley Temple in her final starring role and last screen appearance.

The film, which was retitled Almost a Bride, got theatrical release on November 25, 1949, by United Artists.

Temple plays Corliss Archer, an impulsive teenager excited by playboy Kenneth Marquis (David Niven), a lady killer who has already been married.

To make her boyfriend Dexter jealous, Corliss writes about imaginary romantic trysts in her diary, which Dexter later reads. Naturally.

When Corliss’s parents (Tom Tully and Gloria Holden) read the book, they believe in its contents, especially when Marquis, to get back at Corliss’s father (who has won a legal case), pretends the diary is true.

Shirley Temple as Corliss Archer
David Niven as Kenneth Marquis
Tom Tully as Harry P. Archer
Virginia Welles as Mildred Pringle
Darryl Hickman as Dexter Franklin
Gloria Holden as Mrs. Janet Archer
Robert Ellis as Raymond Pringle