All the King’s Horses (1935): Frank Tuttle’s Oscar Nominated Musical Comedy (Mistaken Identity)

Made at Paramount, at the height of the Depression, Frank Tuttle’s musical comedy All the King’s Horses features Carl Brisson as a movie star who goes home to his Ruritanian country.

While there, he finds out that he looks like the King.  In due course, the two men change positions, resulting in some funny, if familiar, consequences.

The mildly amusing screenplay is based on a play by Lawrence Clark, Max Giersberg, Frederik Herendeen and Edward Horan.

The supporting cast, especially Edward Everett Horton and Eugene Pallette, shine.

LeRoy Prinz was Oscar nominated for staging the production number, “Viennese Waltz.”

Oscar Nominations: 1

Dance Direction: LeRoy Prinz

Oscar Awards: None 

Oscar Context:

The winner of the Dance Direction Oscar was David Gould for “The Broadway Melody,” which also won the top award, Best Picture.


Carl Brisson as King Rudolf XIV/Carlo Rocco
Mary Ellis as Elaine, Queen of Langenstein
Edward Everett Horton as Count Josef von Schlapstaat
Katherine DeMille as Miss Mimi
Eugene Pallette as Con Conley
Arnold Korff as Baron Kraemer