All of Me (1984): Carl Reiner’s Comedy Starring Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin

Carl Reiner’s All of Me, is an amiable, often funny comedy, featuring great performances by Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin

In this tale, penned by Phil Alden Robinson and Henry Olek, based on the novel “Me Too,” by Ed Davis, Martin plays Roger Cobb, an attorney engaged to the daughter of his boss at a big firm law.

Eccentric, as most of Martin’s screen characters are, Roger like to play the guitar.  His firm’s most important and richest client is Edwina Cutwater (well played by Lily Tomlin).

Dissatisfied with her self, Edwina conspires with her guru a transformation of both body and mind with a younger, more beautiful woman (Victoria Tennant).

Roger is assigned to the case, and when the switch gets uproariously awry, Roger fights with Edwina, who manages to occupy and control his body.

There’s good chemistry between Martin, in one of his best roles, and Tomlin.

The movie is credited with launching a whole cycle of comedies about body-switching and mind-transfers.

Running time: 93 Minutes