Against Oblivion (1991): Director Chantal Akerman and Catherine Deneuve on Murder of Salvadorean Union Activist Febe Elisabeth Velásquez

Against Oblivion (Contre l’oubli)

(France, 1991)

Chantal Akerman (screenplay, voice over), Sonia Wider-Atherton (music) and Catherine Deneuve (actor) have teamed up to mourn the murder of Salvadorean union activist Febe Elisabeth Velásquez in this short piece produced for Amnesty International.

Production and conception: Béatrice Soulé.

Cinematographer: Joan Monsigny.

Music: Mino Cinelu, interpreted by Sonia Wieder-Atherton.


Catherine Deneuve, Sonia Wieder Atherton. Beta SP, French with English subtitles, 3,40 minutes.