Affairs of Annabel, The (1938): Stoloff’s Showbiz Comedy, Starring Lucille Ball and Jack Oakie

Benjamin Stoloff directed The Affairs of Annabel, a showbiz comedy, starring Lucille Ball and Jack Oakie.

The Affairs of Annabel
The Affairs of Annabel FilmPoster.jpeg

Lannie (Jack Oakie) takes Annabel (Lucille Ball) into prison in order to generate publicity before the release of her new movie.

However, when Annabel is released, she finds that nobody has noticed, and she has Lannie fired.

But when he pays a struggling actress to pretend to be his sick mother, Annabel has Lannie rehired, and he immediately begins plotting his next stunt.

It was followed by the sequel Annabel Takes a Tour the same year, also starring Oakie, Ball, and Donnelly.


TCM showed the movie on May 14, 2021.