Aeon Flux (2005): Karyn Kusama’s Sophomore Jinx (Women in Film)

After making a splash with her stunning debut, the Sundance Fest winner, Girl Fight, director Karyn Kusama fell flat on her face with her follow-up, Aeon Flux, a sophomore jinx.

This silly sci-fi thriller revolves around a sexy and strong rebel (played by Charlize Theorn right after her Oscar-winning turn in Monster), who fights to liberate a walled city from its dicatorial rulers.

Based on Peter Chung’s animated MTV series, this dull live-action cartoon is only 93 minute long, but feels much longer.

A good ensemble, incuding Frances McDormand, Jonny Lee Miller, Sophie Okonedo, and Peter Postlethwaite, is wasted under Kusama’s inept direction.