Adopted, The (2011): Melanie Laurent’s Tale of Family of Women

Melanie Laurent’s The Adopted (Les Adoptes) is the story of a family of women, who have often been tossed about by life but have managed to ride out the storms.

Men have little place in the women’s lives and it’s therefore quite natural that when one of the women falls in love, the order falls apart.

The family equilibrium has to be redefined and everyone strives to do so as best they can. But fate allows them to barely catch their breath before imposing another reality. The family must then learn everything anew.

The mechanics of adoption must once again be put into action, obliging each person to change places.


Written by Mélanie Laurent, Morgan Perez, Christophe Deslandes.

Directed by Mélanie Laurent.

Cast: Marie Denarnaud, Denis Ménochet, Mélanie Laurent, Clémentine Célarié.

The film is distributed in the U.S. by Rialto Pictures.