Adam Project, The: Shawn Levy’s Fluffy Mishmash, Starring Ryan Reynolds as Time Traveler

Ryan Reynolds in Netflix’s ‘The Adam Project’:

The star reteams with Free Guy director Shawn Levy, playing a time traveler who returns to fix the world while reconnecting with his preteen self and late father.

Our Grade: C+ (** out of *****)

In Shawn Levy’s Free Guy, Ryan Reynolds starred as a non-player videogame character who breaks free of his programming to score himself a life and make a difference to a joyless world.

Reuniting with the director on The Adam Project, another high-concept, fluffy, derivative combo of ideas from other better movies, Reynolds again tries to escape his programming by juggling his usual glib shtick with off-brand sincerity.

The text throws into this mumbo-jumbo some melodrama. The film’s time-travel mayhem is interwoven with an uncompelling sub-plot of a troubled, fractured family that must find its path to healing and reuniting.