Ace Ventura: Pet Detective: Starring Jim Carrey (Cult Movie)

“Ace Ventura: Pet Detective,” directed by Tom Shadyac, is overall a rather silly comedy with some very funny moments, putting on the map a new comedian, Jim Carrey, who in the same year also made “The Mask.” 
Both movies were popular at the box-office, largely due to the overly energetic and even manic performance of Carrey, who proved he could contort his elastic face and body in unparalleled amazing manner. (For better or for worse, it became Carrey’s signature piece in all of his future comedies).
Carrey also contributed to the screenplay, alongside director Shadyac, based on the story by Jack Bernstein, which cast Carrey in the titular part, a manically eccentric private eye whose specialty involves animals.
Ventura could not be bothered by manners and pleasantries but he genuinely likes pets, small and big ones, like Dolphins. The minimal plot revolves around the kidnapping of Dolphins in Miami and the disappearance of quarterback Dan Mario, who plays himself.
The film is also noted for its romantic interest, the likable Courtney Cox, who plays the team’s employee Melissa, before she became a TV star (“Friends”).
The sequel was commercial at the box-office but not as goofy, weird, and funny as the first one.