84 Charlie Mopic: Patrick Sheane Duncan’s Vietnam War Drama,

Written and Directed by Patrick Sheane Duncan, 84 Charlie Mopic, a Vietnam War drama, tells its bittersweet story from the point of view of an army cameraman who accompanies a six-man reconnaissance squad.

Despite the familiar plot  and character cliches about a squad on a specific mission, the director conveys quite realistically the emergence of camaraderie among the men, who refer to each other as “brothers” and huddle together in moments of quiet.

When one soldier is killed, another covers his fallen buddy’s body tenderly. The cameraman’s point of view is refreshing and perhaps more truthful in capturing the Vietnam War experience than other films of the genre that burst upon the screen in the late 1980s.

The term “mopic” in the title refers to “motion picture.”


Distributor: New Century Vista Film Company
Producer: Michael Nolin
Director-writer: Patrick Sheane Duncan
Camera: Alan Caso
Editor Stephen Purvis
Costumes: Lyn Paolo
Music: Donovan
Running Time: 95 minutes


LT (Jonathan Emerson)
Easy (Nicholas Cascone)
Pretty Boy (Jason Tomlins)
Hammer (Christopher Burgard)
Cracker (Glenn Morshower)

Box-office: $154,264