40 Years in the Making: The Magic Music Movie

The docu 40 Years in the Making premiered at the Woodstock Film Fest and then at Napa Valley Film Fest.

The band is also set to play a reunion show at the Napa Valley Film Fest after the screening.

Directed by Lee Aronsohn (“Two and a Half Men”, “Big Bang Theory”), the feature tells the story of a popular hippie band from the 1970s in Boulder, Colorado that reunites for a concert 40 years after their tumultuous breakup.

Fresh out of the Woodstock Concert era, a band of hippies who called themselves “Magic Music” roamed around Boulder playing small shows and earning a dedicated following.

Although the musicians played two of the earliest Telluride Bluegrass Festivals, they broke up in 1976 without ever releasing an album.

Avid “Magic Music” fan turned TV producer, Lee Aronsohn set out to find the scattered members of this elusive jam band decades after they broke up, hoping to get them to play one last show.


Director-Writer: Lee Aronsohn
Producers: Fleur Saville, Jeff Jampol, Kyle Vorbach, Jake Siegel, Alicia Yaffe
Executive Producers: Lee Aronsohn, Lisa Haisha

Runtime: 99 minutes