3 Generations (aka Three Generations): Transgender Drama, Starring Elle Fanning, Naomi Watts and Susan Sarandon (LGBTQ–Transgender)

The transgender drama 3 Generations is released by The Weinstein Company on May 5 in New York and Los Angeles, two years after it was pulled from distribution.

The feature serves as opening the Bentonville Film Fest, whose goal is showcasing films that champion women and diverse voices in media.

The film, initially titled About Ray, was pulled by Harvey Weinstein from release without explanation in September 2015, three days before its scheduled release.

The film had premiered three days earlier at the Toronto Film Fest, evoking a standing ovation and positive reviews.

It was picked up the Cannes Film Fest four months earlier after buyers were shown a promo reel of the project, directed by Gaby Dellal, for a reported $6 million with a minimum 500-screen commitment.

Elle Fanning plays a New York teenager seeking to transition from female to male.

Naomi Watts portrays her anxious mother, and Susan Sarandon her liberal lesbian grandmother.

Producers are Big Beach’s Marc Turtletaub and Peter Saraf along with Dorothy Berwin. Big Beach also financed the film, which was originally titled “Three Generations.”

Dellal added footage to bring more focus to all three women characters.

“I am thrilled to release our film ‘3 Generations,’ with the original title, into the world,” she said. “Harvey’s enthusiasm and support has allowed us to release this poignant film at a time when we all need to believe in our collective strength. Throughout making this film I have met loving families, fearless transgender youth and women who have fought for gender equality for decades. This film, both heart-warming and heart wrenching, is for them.”

Watts, who is also an executive producer, said, “This story loudly and bravely advocates for acceptance, both of others and of oneself. It’s a message we all believe in and are all incredibly proud to share this story with audiences, now more than ever.”

Geena Davis, who co-founded the Bentonville festival, said, “This festival was founded for the purpose of bringing films like ‘3 Generations’ to our audience. We are so thrilled that this year, of all years, we have the opportunity to highlight such a female driven film and such an important story as our Opening Night.”