Julietta (1953): Marc Allegret’s Romantic Comedy


Marc Allégret directed Julietta, a French romantic comedy, starring Dany Robin, Jean Marais and Jeanne Moreau.

The film was based on a novel of Louise de Vilmorin.

It was shot at the Billancourt Studios with sets designed by the art director Jean d’Eaubonne.

The film was important in the career of Roger Vadim, whose mentor Marc Allegret was directing with Jean Marais to star. Aa week before filming Marais refused to do the movie because he was unhappy with the script. Vadim rewrote the script to the star’s satisfaction.

The movie was a big success. Vadim and Allegret tried to have Vadim’s wife Brigitte Bardot cast as the female lead, but the producer went with the then better-known Dany Robin. However this led to Vadim being given the job of rewriting Naughty Girl which turned Bardot into a star.

Dany Robin as Juliette Valendor
Jean Marais as André Landrecourt, avocat
Jeanne Moreau as Rosie Facibey, girlfriend of André
Denise Grey as Mme Valendor, mother
Bernard Lancret as prince Hector of Alpen
Nicole Berger as Martine Valendor, sister of Juliet
Georges Chamarat as Arthur, l’intendant
François Joux as Le commissaire
Georges Sauval as Le contrôleur
Louis Saintève as L’homme sortant des toilettes du train