Devil with Women, A (1930): Irving Cummings’ Pre-Code Film, Starring Victor McLaglen, Mona Maris, and Humphrey Bogart

From Our Vaults:

Irving Cummings directed A Devil with Women, a pre-Code film starring Victor McLaglen, Mona Maris, and Humphrey Bogart.

 Devil with Women
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Set in a Central American country, A Devil with Women centers on the adventurer Jerry Moxton (McLaglen) and his sidekick, Tom Standish (Bogart), who engage in fierce competition over the attentions of a luscious young woman (Mona Maris).

The film is notable for being among Bogart’s earliest screen roles, in which he is third billed, after McLaglen and Mona Maris.

In the same year, Bogart also appeared in a better film, John Ford’s Up the River, co-starring Spencer Tracy.

The two films were released in October of 1930, one week apart.

They followed Bogart’s debut in a short feature, “Broadway’s Like That.”

Victor McLaglen as Jerry Moxton
Mona Maris as Rosita Fernandez
Humphrey Bogart as Tom Standish
Luana Alcaniz as Dolores
Michael Vavitch as Morloff
Soledad Jiménez as Jiminez
Mona Rico as Alicia
John St. Polo as Don Diego
Robert Edeson as General Garcia
Joe De La Cruz as Juan


Directed by Irving Cummings
Written by Henry Johnson, Dudley Nichols
Produced by George E. Middleton
Cinematography Al Brick
Arthur L. Todd
Edited by Jack Murray
Distributed by Fox Film Corporation

Release date: October 18, 1930 (USA)

Running time: 64 minutes