Sheepman, The (1958): George Marshall’s Western Comedy, Starring Glenn Ford Shirley MacLaine

George Marshall directed The Sheepman, a Western comedy, starring Glenn Ford, Shirley MacLaine, and Leslie Nielsen.

The Sheepman

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The Premise:

Ford plays gambler Jason Sweet, who wins a flock of sheep in a poker game and takes them by train into cattle country. The townsfolk take notice and object, but Sweet is more than up to the challenge.

In the process, he pick a fight with the toughest man around, “Jumbo” McCall (Mickey Shaughnessy), revealing his expertise with a gun.

MacLaine provide the romantic interest, Dell Payton, who does not know what to make of him, but is attracted to him, which upsets her fiancé, local cattle baron “Colonel” Steven Bedford (Nielsen).

The film earned $1,53 in the US and $2.2 million elsewhere, resulting in a profit of $976,000.

Oscar Award nominations
William Bowers and James Edward Grant were nominated for Best Writing, Story and Screenplay (Written Directly for the Screen).

Glenn Ford as Jason Sweet
Shirley MacLaine as Dell Payton
Leslie Nielsen as “Colonel” Stephen Bedford / Johnny Bledsoe
Mickey Shaughnessy as “Jumbo” McCall
Edgar Buchanan as Milt Masters
Willis Bouchey as Frank Payton, Dell’s father
Pernell Roberts as Chocktaw Neal
Slim Pickens as Marshal
Robert ‘Buzz’ Henry as Red


Directed by George Marshall
Produced by Edmund Grainger
Written by William Bowers
James Edward Grant
Starring Glenn Ford
Shirley MacLaine
Leslie Nielsen
Music by Jeff Alexander
Cinematography Robert J. Bronner
Edited by Ralph E. Winters

Production and distribution company: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Release date: May 7, 1958

Running time: 85 minutes
Budget $1,283,000[
Box office $3,735,000


TCM showed this movie on March 12, 2021.