Red Dance, The (1928): Raoul Walsh’s Historical Romance, Starring Dolores del Río and Charles Farrell

Raoul Walsh directed The Red Dance (aka The Red Dancer of Moscow), a romantic melodrama, starring Dolores del Río and Charles Farrell, and inspired in the novel by Henry Leyford Gates.

The Red Dance
The Red Dance film poster.jpg

Theatrical poster

The film, which was one of the most popular in 1928, was released with synchronized music.

De Rio plays Tasia (Dolores del Río), a lower class dancer from Russia who falls for the heir to the throne Prince, Grand Duke Eugene (Charles Farrell), but can only admire him from distance.

At the outbreak of the Russian Revolution, the Duke falls in captivity, allowing Tasia be near him.

Dolores del Río as Tasia
Charles Farrell as Grand Duke Eugene
Ivan Linow as Ivan Petroff
Boris Charsky as An agitator
Dorothy Revier as Princess Varvara
Andrés de Segurola as General Tanaroff
Demetrius Alexis as Rasputin