Half a Bride (1928): La Cava’s Silent Film Romance, Starring Gary Cooper

Gregory La Cava directd Half a Bride, a silent film romance, starring Esther Ralston, Gary Cooper, and William Worthington.

Based on the short story “White Hands” by Arthur Stringer, published in The Saturday Evening Post on July 30, 1927, the script was penned by Doris Anderson, Percy Heath, and Julian Johnson.

The film revolves around Patience Winslow (Ralston), an impulsive thrill-seeking heiress who one day tells her father that she is involved in a “companionate marriage” with one of her party friends.

Her father abducts Patience aboard his private yacht, but she escapes in a small boat.  After a storm , she ends up on a desert island along with the yacht’s young captain (Cooper) who had followed after her.

Half a Bride was released on June 16, 1928 by Paramount.

Esther Ralston as Patience Winslow
Gary Cooper as Captain Edmunds
William Worthington as Mr. Winslow
Freeman Wood as Jed Sessions
Mary Doran as Betty Brewster
Guy Oliver as Chief Engineer
Ray Gallagher as Second Engineer