Beat the Band (1947): B-Level Musical, Starring Frances Langford

John H. Auer directed Beat the Band, a B-level musical, written by Lawrence Kimble, Clarence Kimble and Arthur A. Ross, and starring Frances Langford, Ralph Edwards, Phillip Terry, and Gene Krupa as himself.

Frances Langford plays small town girl Ann Rogers, who is fooled by a bandleader posing as an opera teacher.

Also complicating matters is another man’s wife posing as the opera teacher’s wife, and $3,000 of her own money stolen to pay for musicians in the band.



RKO Pictures

Running time: 67 Minutes

Released: February 19, 1947

Frances Langford as Ann Rogers
Ralph Edwards as Eddie Martin
Phillip Terry as Damon Dillingham
Gene Krupa as Himself
June Clayworth as Willow Martin
Mabel Paige as Mrs. Peters
Andrew Tombes as ‘Professor’ Enrico Blanchetti / Mr. Dillingham
Donald MacBride as P. Aloysius Duff
Mira McKinney as Mrs. Elvira Rogers
Harry Harvey, Sr. as Mr. Rogers


I am grateful to TCM for showing this musical on October 23, 2019.