Fighting Mad: Jonathan Demme’s Exploitation Actioner, Starring Peter Fonda

Jonathan Demme directed Fighting Mad, his third low-budget exploitation actioner, starring Peter Fonda.

Fonda plays an Arkansas farmer who uses Guerrilla tactics against corrupt land developers evicting him and his neighbors in order to stripmine their land.

Producer Roger Corman was inspired by recent low-budget rural action- thrillers that became commercial hits: “Billy Jack” (1971), “Walking Tall” (1973), and “Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry” (1974).

All three featured an old-fashioned hero, off-beat sidekick, unusual mode of transport and interesting weapon. In this movie, Fonda’s character travels on old motorcycle with his toddler son and uses a crossbow.

Peter Fonda as Tom Hunter
Lynn Lowry as Lorene Maddox
John Doucette as Jeff Hunter
Philip Carey as Pierce Crabtree
Harry Northup as Sheriff Len Skerritt
Noble Willingham as Senator Hingle
Kathleen Miller as Carolee Hunter
Scott Glenn as Charlie Hunter
Ted Markland as Hal Fraser


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