Close to My Heart: Keighley’s Family Melodrama, Starring Ray Milland and Gene Tierney

William Keighley directed Close to My Heart, a family melodrama, written by James R. Webb, based on his novel A Baby for Midge.

The film stars Ray Milland and Gene Tierney, both of whom were loaned out to Warner to make the picture.

Brad and Midge Sheridan cannot have children of their own, and so they decide to adopt and begin inquire at an adoption agency.

Learning of an abandoned child left at the police station, Midge is determined to have the baby, but Brad refuses to go along with Midge’s plans until he can find out something about the child’s parents, which then makes the boy an adoption risk.


Close to My Heart was presented on Lux Radio Theatre March 2, 1953 as a one-hour adaptation, starring Milland and Phyllis Thaxter

Ray Milland – Brad Sheridan
Gene Tierney – Midge Sheridan
Fay Bainter – Mrs. Morrow
Howard St. John – E.O. Frost