These Glamour Girls (1939): S. Sylvan Simon’s Dramedy, Starring Lew Ayres and Lana Turner

S. Sylvan Simon directed These Glamour Girls, a minor dramedy, slightly elevated by the presence of Lew Ayres and Lana Turner, juts before she rose to stardom at MGM.

Marion Parsonett’s script is based on Jane Hall’s story first published in Cosmopolitan Magazine.

A drunken college student (Lew Ayres) invites a dance hostess to the big college dance and then forgets he had asked her. When she shows up at school, he tries to get rid of her, but she won’t leave. 

In one collective scene, Ayres raises a toast for all “the charm and beauty” there, and while there is not much charm, there’s a good deal of beauty.

The film is dominated by actresses, including Jane Bryan, Anita Louise, Ann Rutherford, Marsha Hunt, and others.

But it’s Turner, clad in long black dress, which she displays on the dance floor, who gets our attention.

Released on August 18, 1939, the movie was a box-office flop.