In the Cool of the Day (1967): Melodrama Starring Peter Finch and Jane Fonda

This overwrought romantic melodrama, directed by Robert Stevens, features Peter Finch before he became an international star, and Jane Fonda, early on in her career.

Fonda plays Christine Bonner, a beautiful young American with chronic health problems, who’s been separated from her overly protective husband Sam (Arthur Hill), but agrees to return to him.

Christine meets an English friend of Sam’s, Murray Logan (Finch), who shares her great interest in Greece. Logan also is unhappily married because his wife Sybil (Angela Lansbury) blames him for a car accident that had killed their son. When Christine and Murray reconnect in England, their attraction grows.

The two couples plan to vacation together in Greece, but Sam must stay home because of a family illness. Murray and Christine fall in love as they visit Greek ruins and other tourist attractions.

Sybil, realizing the situation, informs Sam in New York, and tells Murray she is leaving him due to a fling with an Englishman (Davenport) she met in Greece.

Hearing that Christine’s controlling mother is pursuing them, the couple continues traveling. Caught by her mom, Christine falls ill from the stress and refuses to fight for her life.

Before dying, Christine confides in Murray she did not want to impose on him her chronic illness, asking him to do what they would have done together—continue to explore gorgeous Greece.


Peter Finch as Murray Logan

Jane Fonda as Christine Bonner

Angela Lansbury as Sybil Logan

Arthur Hill as Sam Bonner

Constance Cummings as Mrs. Nina Gellert

Alexander Knox as Frederick Bonner

Nigel Davenport as Leonard Groves

John Le Mesurier as Dr. Arraman

Alec McCowen as Dickie Bayliss

Valerie Taylor as Lily Kendrick

Andreas Markos as Andreas